Planning and call for tender software used

In our opinion, professional tools belong to professional project implementation.

... not only for this reason are we always equipped with the most modern planning software.

• Location routing, surveying and planning using CARD/1:

General and street-planning module CARD/1 ·• Surveying

• Site planning

• Axis calculation location and altitude plans, digital terrain model

• Cross-sectional development and computation of quantities

• Interfaces to ACAD and SICAD
Railway planning module CARD/1 • Points

• Points height plan
• Rail benchmarking

• Transrapid location routing

Drainage module CARD/1 · • Hydraulic calculations

• Canal longitudinal sections

• Canal location plans

Call for tender and financial planning software:

• Arriba
• Construction information system of the DB AG including all the necessary standard performance books

Course of the construction:

• Down time optimisation during railway construction