For four years we have been active in the field of rail and road traffic planning, and we have successfully carried out projects with diverse planning tasks.

Through interdisciplinary services connected with our main field of activity, traffic planning, we can offer a complete field of services concerning the realisation of traffic construction projects, which also go beyond the performance phases between pre-planning and construction supervision.

Our current team of 20 staff members offers complete solutions, which range from conceptual studies to traffic, operational and engineering planning, to supervision of construction, to project and installation management, to consulting.
Through all the services we offer, we have experienced, motivated staff with a high level of detailed knowledge. The interaction between these experts and our interdisciplinary way of working makes qualified, high-quality project execution possible, through all work phases.

In co-operation with associated enterprises we can also offer our customers engineering services outside of our main field of expertise. These services include signal planning for level crossings and track systems, ground expertises, landscape planning etc.

The services of our office are rounded off through the use of the most modern equipment, such as computers, software, measuring equipment, etc., as well modern work places.