Construction Supervision

Project: "Supervision of construction for developing the residential area - An der Mühle - in Wolfsburg"

Client: City Of Wolfsburg
Project description The city of Wolfsburg intends to develop sufficient residential areas in the municipal area. Within this context, traffic facilities within the framework of the construction plans for "An der Mühle" in Wolfsburg, Kreuzheide was to be planned. In a first construction phase, utility lines and construction site roads in the residential developmental area are to be built. Further, a noise protection embankment is to be raised.

Results provided: Provision of services in the performance phases call for tender to chief supervision of construction, local construction supervision, provision of the safety-health plan as well as provision of the safety-health co-ordinator, executional surveying, project co-ordination.

Project: "Material allowance / Audit of the project – 1st construction period Sülfeld-Fallersleben"

Client: City Of Wolfsburg
Project description: The 1st construction period of the road construction project Sülfeld-Fallersleben stretches from construction kilometres 70+070 to 70+589 (east ramp) as well as construction kilometres 12+964 to 13+960 (Hafenstr.). The construction project includes extensive earthwork and road construction, construction of sheet piles, traffic safety measures as well as drainage canalisation work.
Results provided: Joint local material allowance calculation together with the construction firms as well as auditing.