Supervision For Level Crossings

Project: "Completion of performance lists for the construction of level crossings"

Client: BNZ 15 / DB AG
Results provided:

Results provided:
Inspection of level crossings and the safety switch-on route distances, determination of the necessary civil engineering work, computation of quantities and provision of performance lists in the construction information system of the DB AG (BI), including all allocation documents and preliminary remarks, including co-ordination of safeguarding facilities services and inclusion of the performance texts in the complete performance listings.

• Route Wunstorf – Bremerhafen level crossing BÜ km 153,709
• Route Hamm – Emden level crossing BÜ km 214,287
• Services in presently over 100 individual projects.

Project: "Modification of the level crossing km 16,093 route 1560 and equipping it with new safety devices"

Client: Regent / DB AG
Project description The old safety signals equipment of the level crossing with blinking lights was replaced in the course of this project by signal lights with half-way barriers
Results provided:

Provision of civil engineering planning in the performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender, provision of the technical signal documents including PT1 and PT2 inspections in cooperation with an associated enterprise.

Topography survey and subsequent assessment planning,, submission of the documents to the federal railway authorities as the authorised planning constructors