Project: „Canalisation in the building site area An der Mühle- and Forsthausweg in Wolfsburg“

Client: City Of Wolfsburg
Project description: In the course of developing the building site “An der Mühle” and “Forsthausweg” in Wolfsburg, the planning areas were provided with separate rain and sewage water systems with a total canal length of over 2000 m.

Results provided: Reworking of the design plans of the AG to a solution which could be executed. Calculation of the canal network concerning compulsory points (buildings, etc.) resulting from the planned lot boundaries and planned residential streets, computation of the shaft angle and drawing up shaft ordering lists for the construction firms, staking out the canal network for construction at the site, supervision of surveying during construction.

Project: “Construction of drainage installations for draining off surface water for 20 level crossings along the route 1560”

Client: DGT Magdeburg
Project description: During renewal of level crossings along the route Delmenhorst-Hesepe, 20 individual projects for seepage systems for drainage of street surface water were planned and drawn up.

Results provided:: Assessment of the planning area terrain, provision of planning in the performance phases pre-planning to construction planning, including hydraulic calculation of the seepage systems and co-ordination with all those involved in planning, drawing up the documents and obtaining permission from the appropriate water authorities for beginning, provision of and obtaining planning and constructional inspection documents from the federal rail authorities EBA

Project: “Leakage system structure, pipework and drainage ditches in the industrial estate “Vogelsang” of the city of Wolfsburg

Client: City Of Wolfsburg
Project description: In the course of developing the industrial area “Vogelsang” in Wolfsburg, a fundamental relocation of the existing drainage system was necessary. Apart from construction of new ditches with a depth of up to 5,0 m and a total length of over 400 m, construction of five pipe culverts with diameters up to DN 1100 and two rectangular ready-mixed concrete culverts with a close-to-nature canal bottom lining, a reversal of the canal incline in the existing ditches was necessary.
Results provided: Assessment of the planning area terrain, drawing up the plans, drawing up the documents and helping obtain the necessary permit from the appropriate water authorities, planning and obtaining the planning and constructional inspection documents of the state rail authorities (LEA)

Project: "Construction of a deep drainage system in the station Rosdorf"

Client: DB Netz AG, N-N-B4
Project description:

Corresponding to the recommendations of the ground expertise and within the framework of the modifications of an approximately 800 m long section of railway tracks in the station Rosdorf, the substructure layer was properly treated with a new soil protection layer. Accompanying this measure, construction of a new deep drainage system was necessary. In two 200 m long sections between two tracks, the drainage system was planned, hydraulically dimensioned and constructionally executed. Connections to the drainage canal were manufactured as constructional structures and as plastered drains.

In this connection, the general drainage conditions of the superstructure were to be improved, in order to guarantee the maintenance cycles

Results provided: Measurement of the gradient of the locality, obtaining the permit at the relevant lower water authority, drawing up the executional plans, placing calls for tender for the work.