Railway Track Planning, Platforms, Railway Operation

Project: "Rail modifications rail 102 in the station Northheim"

Client: NNB4 / DB AG- Hannover
Project description: As part of the railway superstructure investment programme for redevelopment of the railway network , renewal of the approximately 1 km long rail 102 in the station of Northeim was necessary. Apart from the superstructure work, the station section was given a new soil protection layer as well new deep water drainage facilities.
Results provided: Provision of traffic planning in the performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender, including examination documents for the subject areas Sb1 and Sb 2 of the federal railway authorities (Eisenbahn Bundesamtes-EBA). Provision of and continuing the work and statistics sheets (E&A-Blatt) up to construction commencement talks.

Project: "Rail construction in station Minden, rail modifications for rail 302, renewal of points 42"

Client: FTZ Minden
Project description: Rail 302 as well as points 42 were dilapidated and were to be renewed. In order to save money, used superstructures were to be utilised during renovation.

Results provided: Provision of the plans for the traffic facilities and the bridge in performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender, provision of design structural analysis and design supporting framework planning, design surveying, assessment planning.

Project: "Modifications on the station Münchehof and rail route Seesen-Münchehof"

Client: DB AG - Regent
Project description: The scope of the construction which cost approximately 4,8 mio. € included renewal of an approximately 4500 m long rail section along the route Seesen-Münchehof, renewal of the station track 21 in the station Münchehof (length 855 m), renewal of a length of 660 m of the station tracks as well as renewal of a total of 10 points. Since the complete construction measure was on main rails with continuous, heavy traffic, and the time period between planning and completion of construction was short, the rail operation requirements were examined during the planning phase and solutions were presented.

Results provided:

Traffic planning in the performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender as well as provision of and continuing the work and statistics sheets, examination of the operational realisation according to the requirements of the rail traffic re-routing for rail renewal measure Seesen-Münchehof and the necessary use of the station Münchehof twice daily as well as exclusion of working train times in restricted operation.

Furthermore, provision of plans for down time optimisation during railway construction for the optimisation of part of the series of construction sites, provision of the work train programme as a basis for operational registration and for the construction and operation regulations, examination of the possible beginning schedule for the neighbouring construction sites on the route Helmstedt-Holzminden.

Project: "Bypass of the construction site of the railway bridge Hanekenfähr"

Client: DB AG (NNB 4)
Project description: The transverse girder of the double tracked railway bridge "Hanekenfähr" was to be replaced, due to age. In order to keep the obstruction of railway operation to a minimum during the 6-week construction time, the traffic was to be re-routed over detour lines and rail connections with points, that were to be constructed.
Results provided:

Provision of line alternatives for the detour, co-ordination of the alternatives with the offices of the German Railway (DB) departments, provision of planning in the performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender as well as provision of work and statistics sheets (E&A-Blatt), provision of a general plan for the project.

Project: "Registration for the annual construction operation plan (JBB)"

Client: DB AG (N-N-B 4)
Project description: Based on the multi-year planning of the German Railway (DB AG), applications for the annual construction operation plan annual construction operation plan were to be provided according to DB-regulation DS 820.0204 for the timetable year 2003

Results provided: Working out of the necessary modifications for rails and points (including those necessary for the neighbouring tracks as well as the tracks necessary for the construction site logistics) based on route and stations plans, estimation of the necessary obstruction times for each affected rail, respectively the affected points within the framework of each individual construction project, provision of the applications for the construction districts of Hannover, Göttingen, Kreiensen and Brunswick, co-ordination of the applications with the operational offices of the DB AG, continual work on the documents and in part application of the individual construction projects for the sub-yearly constructional operation planning.