Project management and accompanying measures

Project: „Provision of an anaysis of the conditions and modifications as a basis for documents for the board of directors for the realisation of the series of construction sites section 1750“

Client: DB AG / N-N-B 4
Description of the project:

In the spring of 2001, the railway authorities began to crystallise plans for modifying the 50 km long, double-track DB section 1750 (Wunstorf-Lehrte), aiming at the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2003, as a series of construction sites. Due to the short period of time previous to starting the project, the DB AG commissioned the provision of a study that would present the range of construction necessary and examine the operative and financial framework, as well as the general outlook on successfully carrying out the construction. The evaluation of this study was compiled in four ring binders and included all the information necessary for a quick understanding of the project, with reports, tables, graphs, plans and photo documentation. The study was successfully used as a basis for argumentation for acceptance of the project by the board of directors.

Results provided:

Inspection of the complete line, appraisal of the superstructure (rails and sleeper form, age of superstructure, general conditions and condition of the sleeper ends etc.) and documentation of the assessment of the facilities and the necessary modification sections as sketches of the details of the line in report and table form and as photo-documentation according to guideline DS 820.0204. Demonstration of the essential construction conditions as outlined by operational requirements based on route overviews, including an account of the construction site bypass possibilities as well as estimation of the necessary closed line pauses, and provision of a cost estimation.


Project: "Project accompanying measures electrical signal boxes Oerlinghausen routes Herford- Himmighausen and Lage-Lemgo“

Client: DB AG / N-N-B 4
Project Description and Results Provided:

In the course of the above-mentioned electrical signal boxes, modifications of civil engineering nature and signal modifications on 35 level crossings were necessary. In order to reduce the necessary co-ordination work on the part of the client, the planning and constructional work was given to a general contractor. The technical project supervision of the general contractor was carried out by our offices, for the AG. Apart from monitoring the scheduling and financial side of the project, our offices are present for all questions directed by the planners and the constructors to the builder-owners, and actively take part in meetings, decision making and authorisation processes during the planning phase. We check the completed planning as authorised planning constructors, we signed and handed in the documents. In clearly written summaries, the owners will be informed by us about the current state of the project.