Safety And Health Co-Ordination

Project: "Safety and Health Co-ordination during the development of the construction area – An der Mühle – in Wolfsburg"

Client: City Of Wolfsburg
Project description: Part of the development of the residential area "An der Mühle" in Wolfsburg was construction of a noise protection embankment, construction of diverse building site roads, construction of new rain and sewage canalisation systems and laying and relocation of utility lines. The total constructional measure took place in different, partially time-staggered constructional phases with up to five different building firms.
Results provided:: Provision of the announcement for the trade supervisory board, provision of the safety and health plans based on the constructional phase of the building firms and co-ordination of the safety and health documents, continuation of the plan during construction, due to changed general conditions, supervision of adherence to the safety and health requirements at the building site.



Project: "Safety and Health Plans for railway construction at the station Barnten"

Client: : DB AG (N-N-B4)
Project description: Apart from criteria concerning the number of construction workers, the number of workdays, and the number of construction firms, an important criteria for the necessity of a safety-health plan is whether "dangerous work" is to be carried out. This last-mention criteria is relevant if work must be done on the overhead contact lines. For this reason, a safety-health plan was provided for a majority of the superstructure plans we worked on An example is the rail modification on rail 1 in the station Barnten.
Results provided: Provision of the announcement and the safety-health plans, provision of the safety-health co-ordinator on site, when necessary