Street Planning

Project: Park & Ride and Bike and Ride sites at the stations in Wennigsen, Egestorf and Winninghausen (Deister)

Client: Region of Hannover
Project Description: In the course of improving the DB route between Wennigsen and Haste, making it a double track line, new parking possibilities were planned by the KGH at different stations along the rail route, to increase the attractiveness for commuters. In part, the P&R/B&R sites are already in use. The pending sites will be finished on time.
Results provided: Provision of plans for the traffic sites (partially) in the performance phases pre-planning to construction supervision, Design and executional surveying, preparation of the proposals.

Project: "Improvement of 'Prozessmoorweg' / Cuxhaven"

Client: DB AG (N-N-KNS)
Project Description: As compensation measure for cancellation of a level crossing in the community of Hechthausen, the DB AG made arrangements for modifying an approximately 300 m long connecting street – as well as building a new street bridge across the "Ihlbecker Canal". The foundations of the street and the bridge were on marshy ground. Corresponding foundational work, partially over 10 m under the ground level were part of the project.
Results provided: Provision of the planning for the traffic facilities and the bridge in the performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender, drawing up the design structural analysis and the design structure planning, design surveying, and provision of assessment planning.

Project: "Provision of call for tender for the optical fibre canal on the Motorway BAB A2"

Client: Road construction office Hannover
Project description: For the planned extension of the existing traffic control system in the region of Hannover, laying a new optical fibre canal along the BAB A2 between Herrenhausen and Lahe was necessary. There is only a narrow space along the edge of the road, and for a large stretch of the road there are noise protection walls, so concepts for constructing the cable line had to be provided. Based on the chosen concept –more or less as executional planning – the construction services were put up for tender and contracted out.
Results provided: Travel along the approximately 8 km long section of motorway, drawing up possible solutions to realise the optical fibre canal (e.g. plastic cable canal, flowtec-version, steel pipe line along the noise protection walls, etc.), coming to an agreement with client upon which solution was best, provision of the documents for the call for tender.

Project: "Intersection Breslauer Straße – Kölner Ring in Wolfsburg"

Client: City Of Wolfsburg
Project description: In the course of new construction to close the gap between the connecting street Kölner Ring and Breslauer Strasse, the intersection where the two streets crossed was provided with a three-part basket arch, turn lane and island. Due to the difficult differences in the height of the roadway (gradient on both sides, street crest etc.), after the planning stage had finished and during the construction phase, the city of Wolfsburg decided that the existing executional plans should be continued and keeping records of all the street level heights.

Results provided: Taking over the constructional planning concerning data processing and making a digital ground model of the intersection, reworking the street layout and paving height considering the dynamics of vehicle movement and the complete drainage of the sealed areas, transferral of the surveying data from planning to the site and transferral of the stake out data to the construction company.