Traffic Planning

Streets and Roads • Construction of the new connecting road "Prozessmoorweg"

• Construction of a new residential area road connecting to the district road K 514 in Sarstedt

• Continuation of the executional planning for the the junction Kölner Ring/Breslauer Str. / City of Wolfsburg

• Diverse street adaptation measures, pavement and bike path planning in the area between Delmenhorst and Hesepe, in 30 individual projects

Park and Ride (P&R)/ Bike and Ride (B&R) – and open spaces and squares

• P&R/B&R Wennigsen (performance phases: pre-planning to construction supervision) / Region Hannover

• P&R/B&R Winninghausen (performance phases: pre-planning to authorisation planning) / Region Hannover

• P&R/B&R Egestorf (momentarily performance phases: pre-planning / Region Hannover

• Design and executional planning of the square in front of "Café-Extrem" / City of Wolfsburg

Railway planning
(DB AG-German Railway – and private railways)
Rail construction - and points construction
Rail and Points signal planning

• Points maintenance and new points construction planning (performance phases: pre-planning to calls for tender) in diverse individual projects / DB AG

• Rail renewal and new rail construction planning (performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender) in diverse individual projects / DB AG

• Route and station modifications for the industrial siding track Vogelsang / City of Wolfsburg

Railway planning
Level crossings / Crossing-safety technology and signal planning

• Reconstruction of crossings and furnishing new safety technology (performance phases pre-planning to calls for tender), including signal planning

• Authorisation and executional planning of maintenance measures for the renovation of level crossing surfacing

• Street adaptation measures and planning of new, separate pavements / bike paths for same level crossings

• Drawing up documents for calls of tender for reconstructing of level crossing in over 100 separate projects

• Calculation of fronts, planning of crossings without safety devices, calculations for pedestrian barriers and for safety switch-on route distances in diverse projects

Railway planning:

• Assessment of the DB route 1750; studies for the extent of modifications and providing a general operational framework concept for the realisation of an approximately 40 km route reconstruction for a series of construction sites.

• Provision of documents for the annual construction operation registration for diverse DB-network areas (Hannover, Göttingen, Brunswick, Kreiensen etc.)

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